Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you offer strategic planning for museums?
Yes. We offer a full range of museum and exhibit planning services for all sizes and types of interpretive experiences. Our flexible, proven approach to project planning allows for original, one-of-a-kind exhibits to emerge from the process.
Question: Do you offer fabrication services?
No. Our services encompass exhibit planning and design, including media and graphics. We subcontract with professional fabrication firms to carry out the fabrication and installation of our exhibits. We design without pre-supposition as to implementation strategies, ensuring the most appropriate design solution. While fabrication solutions are considered throughout the design process, EAI designs are not driven by fabrication.
Question: Do you design and develop multimedia and interactives?
Yes. Eisterhold Associates is somewhat unique in that we provide in-house multimedia and interactive design, which has the twofold benefit of project cost savings as well as consistent and integrated holistic design throughout the finished exhibit.
Question: What is Eisterhold’s connection to TerraVox wines?
The Eisterhold Studio and Vox Vineyards share acreage in the beautiful countryside just north of Kansas City, Missouri. The vineyard provides a natural respite and pastoral setting for busy designers, and produces over 30 varieties of native American grapes, many of which have in turn produced several award-winning wines. The TerraVox winery opened to the public in December 2014.

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