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Philadelphia‘s African American community has a long and significant history, but the impact of this community in the “city of brotherly love” is frequently overlooked, or reduced to a few broad generalizations. The museum ‘s goal was to transform an existing art museum into a dynamic history museum reflecting the complex, layered, and intersecting story lines of Philadelphia’s African American residents from pre-colonial time to the present, while still retaining the spirit of an art gallery.

To guide the storytelling, Eisterhold Associates, Inc (EAI) began by refining the common threads found in the often-differing views of the community. Philadelphia during the period of 1776 to-1876 was a forge for new institutions.

Audacious Freedom, introduces visitors to the historical figures and complex socio-political history of Philadelphia from 1776–1876. The exhibit features a 3-part dissection of this rich and complex history, viewed from different perspectives via storytelling mechanisms and custom-designed interactive media devices. These explore themes like entrepreneurship, environment, education, religion, economic conditions and family traditions.

Celebrating African American role models in 1776-1876, and how they navigated religion, work, family in a way that was engaging to young and old.   JERRY EISTERHOLD

Project ideation to facility opening. Start creating !

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Eisterhold Associates Inc.
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