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Imagine an amusement park blended with a natural history museum in Orlando; Eisterhold Associates, Inc. (EAI) won an international competition conducted by Universal Studio to create a theme park at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure based on the blockbuster film, Jurassic Park.

Collaborating with Universal’s creative team, EAI designed a theme park like no other. Using the feel of the film, Hollywood production values, and theme park excitement, the audience is engaged physically and intellectually. The Discovery Center combines the educational needs of a museum with the fun and entertainment visitors expect from a theme park. The experience is based on science, but not necessarily constrained by it. Visitors enjoy selecting activities from a scan of easy-to-follow options upon entry, allowing the Center to be completely accessible to visitors of any age, from any part of the world. 

Based on science, but not constrained by it, the great challenge here was to create an experience that appealed to an international audience that wouldn't have to read a single label to engage and have fun.  JERRY EISTERHOLD

Project ideation to facility opening. Start creating !

EAI logo white.png
Eisterhold Associates Inc.
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