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The United States Marine Corps spirit is rooted in history and traditions. Eisterhold Associates Inc. (EAI) was tasked to convey that history through the eyes of Marines, while appealing to a public audience. These exhibitions utilize thousands of artifacts, audio-visual presentations, bold graphics, and highly immersive environments to transport visitors into the world of the Marines.

Phase I Planning and Exhibit Design work was performed by Christopher Chadbourne and Associates, led by associates who are now key team members of EAI.

Phase II EAI led the planning and design for an 88,000-square-foot addition to the museum, The core design team of the original exhibit was engaged to provide continuity. The museum now includes galleries to expand the Marine’s history from the Vietnam war through current day conflicts. There is a Marine Sport Hall of Fame and a popular children’s area that immerses families in the key values and historic moments of the Corps, through battle interactives and with “guides” from different eras. and visitors receive a “letter home” that describes where they fought, why, and what it was like for them there. The museum features extensive media and interactives, including immersive environments that use complex media treatments, such as video projection replicating real-life scenes onto and within 3D surfaces, and augmented reality experiences. With over three million visitors since its opening, the museum is a favorite with both civilians and Marines.

The Marines are presented as a learning institution, and we created - something that was not envisioned at the outset - an interpretive overlay that draws out the How and Why lessons, from the Who-What-When-Where factual history.   JERRY EISTERHOLD

Project ideation to facility opening. Start creating !

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